Using Google Alerts for Reputation Management

Part of our service as Internet marketers is to ensure that our clients' reputations are secure online. In the age of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter it’s easy for a negative comment about a product or service to get out of hand quickly. Ultimately, negative comments cost money in loss of customers and clients. As an Internet marketing firm, it goes without saying that if this happens to one of our clients, we need to know about it. It’s part of our online public relations service to monitor and manage your brand and one of the tools that we use to accomplish that is Google Alerts.

Google Alerts are simple to set up, easy to monitor, and provide some of the most useful information about our clients’ brand and reputation. Here’s how.

Let’s say that Full Media has recently acquired a new Gainesville-based client called Cats Rock, Inc. which sells cat toys, trinkets, and clothes for our feline friends. One of the very first things we do is set up Google Alerts. We include the name of the company, relevant keywords that reflect their product offerings and sometimes their competitors. We can set up as many as we like in the template that Google has provided, which looks like this:

Possible Google Alerts for this amazing company would be “Cats Rock, Inc.”, “cat toys”, “cat clothes Gainesville, Ga.”, “Dogs Rock” (a competitor), and so forth. Once we’ve gone through the drop down menus of the set-up page, we simply wait for emails to arrive from Google.

So how does this work for reputation management? It’s actually very simple. By setting up an Alert with the name of the company, we’ll receive an email telling us when and where it was mentioned online. If someone was, for whatever reason, displeased with one of the cat sweaters they bought from Cats Rocks and took their complaints to the internet, we’d receive a notification in our inbox telling us when and where it happened. With this information, we can then deal with it accordingly by responding to the customer or relaying the complaints to our client.

Google Alerts is easily one of the best ways for us to monitor your online presence, keep an eye on the competition, and ensure that we are responding to mentions of your company in a timely manner. It’s an invaluable tool that we use every day to establish and maintain your brand and your reputation.  

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