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Analytics & Reporting

Get actionable data and demonstrate value to your practice.

If users are interacting with your site and you're not tracking those actions, how can you know if your digital marketing efforts are contributing to organizational growth?

At Full Media, we understand that our digital marketing strategies are only as good as the data they produce, which is why we offer reliable, HIPAA-compliant analytics and reporting services. We help healthcare operations identify and track their most valuable online actions, such as appointment requests, phone calls, event sign-ups and more, all while protecting sensitive patient information. We then synthesize the data into custom reports, helping healthcare operations: 

  • Gain deep insights into user behavior
  • Understand and improve user experience
  • Measure key performance indicators (KPIs) and ROI accurately
  • Allocate resources efficiently based on data-driven insights
  • Enhance decision-making and drive sustainable growth

Learn more about our analytics and reporting offerings below. Or contact us to discuss your analytics needs.

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Robust Analytics Tools for Your Healthcare Operation

Google Analytics & HIPAA Compliance

Protecting PHI with Server-side Google Tag Manager

The Office of Civil Rights requires healthcare organizations to ensure that protected health information is not stored or collected in analytics platforms such as Google Analytics and Meta Pixel. As a HIPAA-compliant digital marketing agency, we offer an affordable solution to this problem called server-side Google Tag Manager.

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HIPAA-Compliant Call Tracking

Qualify Leads, Maximize ROI

For clients who want to zero in on ROI or better understand the patient’s appointment-setting experience, we recommend using call-tracking software. We work exclusively with HIPAA-compliant call tracking systems that allow you to access caller details, track the source of calls, and listen to actual phone calls, all within a secure digital environment.

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Google Analytics Setup & Integration

Optimized Analytics for Seamless Reporting

Most healthcare organizations have already made the switch the Google Analytics 4; we will help you get the most out of your analytics property. This includes integrating GA4 with other Google tools, such as Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console and Google Ads. We also use LookerStudio to develop reports that highlight essential metrics for you and other stakeholders.

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Platforms We Use

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Download Sample Report
Download Sample Report
NGHS Hernia Case Study
NGHS Hernia Case Study