Tips for More Efficient Keyword Research

At Full Media, the first step we take in building a client’s Internet Marketing strategy is Keyword Research. This can be a monstrous task to complete, but it is absolutely necessary for an effective SEO strategy. With thousands of keywords to search through, it can be hard to find the hidden gems amongst all the irrelevant items. Listed below are a few “tips & tricks” that will make your Keyword Research more efficient and help you choose the optimal keywords for your client.

Know Your Client!
The best way to choose the most relevant keywords for optimizing your website is to know what your client actually does. At Full Media, we like to say that our life’s work is growing your life’s work, but to do that we need to fully understand what “your life’s work” is. Meet with your client and do some extensive research on their business and their competition before you begin looking for keywords.

Break it Up
Not all clients are simple. Some organizations may perform several different types of services or have many distinctive product lines. Take a hospital for example. Hospitals generally have many unique services they can provide including general surgery, pediatrics, and urgent care just to name a few. If you were to try and research all these topics at one time, you’re likely to get lost in a sea of thousands of keywords. Your time is better spent breaking the overarching idea into several smaller sections to thoroughly sift-through and digest.

Don’t Get Too Attached
Sometimes you find a keyword that sounds really good so you have a hard time letting it go. Don’t be afraid to get rid of keywords that are not necessarily a great fit. If a keyword is too broad, unnaturally structured, or has too much competition it may not be the best word to choose for your final keyword list.

Put Yourself in the Searcher’s Shoes
When you come across a keyword that you are unsure of it’s important to keep the searcher in mind. Think about if the user that typed in that query would be happy and satisfied after landing on your page. If you still feel uneasy, type the keyword into Google itself and see what comes up. If the pages reference similar topics to the one you’re optimizing for, then it’s probably a good match.

Filters are Your Friend
Excel is an Internet Marketer’s best friend and it has some pretty cool tools to help with keyword research. When you export your keyword planner to Excel, you have the option of applying filters to different columns. This means that if you’re searching for keywords related to “Custom Homes” you can tell Excel to find all the options in your list that contain the word “Custom” and “Homes.” Combine those powerful search features with some human ingenuity and you can speed up your keyword research exponentially.

Got to Love Long-Tails
As mentioned above, keywords that are too broad do not provide the richest optimization opportunities and can be difficult to rank for. These types of keyword would fall in the “Fat Head” meaning they have incredibly high search volume, but are also exceptionally competitive. It is only once your start adding descriptors to the search terms that things begin to get really relevant to your client. These “Long-Tail” keywords are an Internet Marketer’s bread and butter and will usually bring in more qualified leads to your site.
For example, someone searching for “Internet Marketing” may just be doing some research, trying to find a course on the subject, or be looking for a company that provides this type of service. In contrast, a search for “Internet Marketing Company in Gainesville, GA” clearly presents the searchers intent of finding an Internet marketing service provider in their area.

Don’t Stress
Keyword Research can be overwhelming, but if you follow these simple steps you’ll be well on your way to building a strong and effective keyword strategy. Combine that with some thoughtful placement and well written content, and your website will be preforming better in no time.

For more information on Full Media’s keyword research process, please contact us.