The Power of Guest Blogging

Understanding the power of guest blogging can be extremely beneficial to increasing your presence on the internet and the amount of traffic to your site. When done correctly, you are building lasting relationships that can help your business in more ways than one.

Some of the benefits of guest blogging include:

Build Strong Relationships: First and foremost, it takes time to build these relationships. Like SEO, it doesn't happen overnight. So you've written a guest post, found a great publisher, and submitted the post. Finished? Not quite. If you intend to have an ongoing relationship, you must plan to continue to interact with the audience even after your post has been published. Be sure that you establish yourself as an expert in whatever topic it is that you are talking about. The more researched and in-depth your blog is, the more likely you are to have people that want to read it and share it.

Business Opportunities: When you interact and follow up with the guest posts you write, they can lead to business opportunities. Why wouldn't you want new business leads? Most often, publishers will open up a comment feature on blogs they post. This is so readers of the blog can interact with what you have written. This is the perfect time to jump in and answer any questions, thoughts, or misconceptions they might have on your topic. You have to offer a certain level of expertise in your field in order to see good feedback. Once you have accomplished this, you will start to see a flow of traffic to your site from the guest blog, as well as interaction with your post. These readers will want to see more!

Targeting the Right People: Be selective when searching for a publisher. If you are attracting the wrong people, the likelihood of converting a visitor into a customer or building a relationship with the right audience is very low. Targeting is very important. Don't just post to post. Make sure that when you set out to write a guest blog, you are writing it for a blog or site with a similar audience and industry that you are an expert in to truly get value out of a guest blog.

Gaining Links: One of the best parts of writing a guest post is the link you will get from publishing on a blog similar in industry. Getting links to your site from other valuable sites proves to be a great link building method! One common misconception about guest blogging is that it is solely used for the purpose of link building, when in fact it can be used as a relationship development tool.

What's not to love? When you produce high-quality articles to industry specific websites, guest blogging is one of the top internet marketing tactics! Don't produce content for the sake of SEO and short term link building value, produce content that provides insight and that in turn will draw people in to your business.  Please contact us to learn more about guest blogging!