The Culture of Core Values

As technology develops, small and mid-sized businesses are depending on Internet Marketing to help increase productivity, so Full Media’s experience and expertise are in high demand right now. Subsequently, the Greenville office was ready to hire me as a Junior Internet Marketing Analyst immediately upon my college graduation.

During my last few months as a student, I was actively pursuing a career in the Internet Marketing industry to correspond with my professional skills and academic achievements. I attended several interviews and witnessed many different corporate cultures. Finally, I had the opportunity to interview with Full Media. My experience with Full Media was distinctive because the team members strongly emphasized the company’s core values.

Full Media encourages a positive work environment to benefit team members and clients, and this is achieved by implementing the core values into our work on a daily basis. In only a few weeks at Full Media in Greenville, I have witnessed each of the core values in action on many occasions.                                                                                                            

Selflessness in Relationships: My first day with Full Media was exciting and overwhelming. My team members were very intentional about making me feel comfortable. They answered all of my questions, provided me with office supplies, set up my computer, etc. Their willingness to put my needs before their own was the perfect example of selflessness in relationships.  And this was just day one!

Innovative Problem Solver: My Greenville team member, Emily Lavender, is working on a unique project for a client. The Internet Marketing industry is constantly changing, so some times research is required to determine the best practice. Emily has spent a lot of time compiling information to customize a solution for her client. Her commitment to developing industry knowledge to provide the best results for her client is what makes Emily an innovative problem solver.

Low Maintenance: Be an energy giver, not an energy taker. Greenville’s, Kelly Bodine, is responsible for the training and development of the new Internet Marketers. She has arranged a daily training session for us; Kelly’s role during these training sessions is to equip us with Internet Marketing knowledge and experience. It would be easy to get overwhelmed in training, but Kelly gives us energy and motivation to learn and develop our skills.

Growth-Oriented: Full Media’s CEO, Kris Nordholz, came to visit the Greenville office in late June. This was my first time meeting Kris in-person. During our time together, Kris and I had a conversation about his growth plans for the company. At Full Media we are always looking for ways to go beyond our comfort zone. Full Media will continue to grow because the team members understand the vision for the future.

Disciplined: I am currently working with one of Full Media’s Senior Internet Marketing Analysts, Stephanie Aiken, while I continue training. Stephanie is detail-orientated. Stephanie’s work ethic encourages me to be disciplined and diligent with my work. Even minor adjustments can improve results for a client.

The Full Media core values are not just listed on our website or typed on a sheet of paper and stuffed in a drawer. The core values are qualities that team members strive to exemplify each day. It is a privilege to have a career that is both professionally and personally fulfilling. I am excited to continue working in the Internet Marketing industry with Full Media where our purpose is to impact the world positively by serving small to mid-sized businesses with our experience and expertise.