The Annoying Sound of the Hard Sell


Do you want to know what the most annoying sound in the world is? The Hard Sell. At one time it sounded good and it was actually effective, but now it’s nothing more than annoying. This direct, more forceful way of selling isn't as successful as it once was and has been replaced with more direct ways of reaching audiences such as actual planning with the help of social media.

Social Media
Social media is nothing more than a playground for your business. If your prospects spend all their time hanging out at the monkey bars, then you shouldn't be wasting your time at the swing set. Hard selling requires you to cover the entire playground which costs time and money. Spend more time planning and identifying your target audience by taking advantage of social media. The work you do on the front end will help you quickly identify where your prospects are and, more importantly, help you cultivate a message to individuals that are actually interested in what you have to offer.

Ready, Fire, Aim
Often times you see the "shotgun" approach to marketing. This entails shooting quickly without much planning. But if you plan (aim) before you communicate (fire), your success rate of reaching your target audience is much more successful without the casualty of wasted expense (and time). Our friends at Matchstic do a fantastic job every year with their "Sniper vs. Shotgun" blog. I recommend checking it out.

The Path
What are the goals for your business? You know where you want to end up, but do you have a plan, or map, on how to get there? Remember, it's not the intent of where you want to go that matters, it's the direction you actually take. social media will help you see a direct path to your ultimate destination. Taking advantage of social media is a great way to identify online communities that are interested in what you provide. Don't hard sell. Get connected to people on a one on one basis and start providing real value and insight.