Rubbing Elbows with Google Webmaster Tools

The job of an Internet Marketer at Full Media is to help each of our clients grow their business through a more effective use of the Internet. Although our daily tasks vary depending on the client, their specific audience, and what their message needs to be, the goal for each is the same. We ultimately want to maximize the exposure in the search engines for each of our clients for the most relevant search traffic, while converting that exposure and increased web traffic into actual business. To help us achieve our goals, we rely on a number of helpful tools including Google Webmaster Tools (GWT).

The Skinny
Google Webmaster Tools was first introduced to help those managing websites address any indexing issues Google may be having. It is also helps with web traffic reporting and alerts webmasters to any potential malware issues. In short, if pages on your site are not being indexed or are infected with malware, then there is zero chance at ranking for the keywords and phrases that are most valuable to your organization. Other reasons you should use Google Webmaster Tools include:

  • Allows XML sitemap submission – An XML sitemap helps Google index the pages on your site, even deep site pages, easily and automatically on a daily basis.
  • Provides important diagnostic data – Once you login to your webmaster tools, you have the ability to click on the “diagnostics” link where you will then see an overview of some very helpful information. This includes crawl data, content analysis (helps identify things such as duplicate meta information), and crawl errors just to name a few.
  • Allows you to create a robots.txt file – This will allow you to control what you want and don't want to be crawled and indexed on your site.
  • It's free!
  • Provides indexing tips from Google – You have access to a number of helpful links provided from Google to help you maximize your site's performance such as site title and description overview, and other detailed information about indexing, crawling and serving results.
  • Continuous improvement of their suite of tools – Google is periodically rolling out new features to make their tools easier to use which enables your site to perform at its highest level.


Latest Improvement
Google recently announced that Webmaster Tools will start alerting you via email of any critical issues with your site. The email will consists of detailed information about the issues they are experiencing along with instructions and links on how to correct the issues identified. The email may consist of critical issues such as a detection of malware or a significant increase in crawl errors.

The Role of Full Media
Search changes frequently, and the one of the roles of each Internet Marketer at Full Media is to make certain we are ahead of the curve for our clients. As Google provides better tools for those managing websites, we will take full advantage of every resource provided by Google to ensure our clients are receiving the very best service from Full Media. Google Webmaster Tools is only one of many tools we take advantage of on a daily basis at Full Media, but it is probably the most important resource we use for our clients. Please contact us to learn more!