Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

In today's fast paced culture, most of us are probably guilty of impatience. We want it and we want it now. And usually we can get it now. I can download just about any song ever sung in less than 10 seconds at the iTunes store. If I want to see an old clip from the classic A-Team television series, YouTube can give it to me right now. And if I have a question for a college friend, his Facebook wall is accessible on my laptop…and he lives in Australia.

Unfortunately, many of us expect these same quick results when it comes to things that can’t be microwaved. Building a great marriage will take a lot more than one romantic weekend away with your spouse. True financial security can’t be built in a year. And despite the stories we hear about companies like YouTube, that sell for billions 18 months after they were created, for most people building a successful company is a lifetime commitment.

So relax and get to work. Life is all about momentum, and momentum is built over time.