Make Your Website More Dynamic with Video

It’s no surprise that people love watching videos. The popularity of YouTube alone attests to that. But what does that mean for you and your website? Is there a way to harness the power of video and use it as a marketing tool? Of course! The truth is that no matter what you’re selling, whether an actual physical product, or a service, it’s possible to create a more dynamic website using video. Here’s how.

1.       Market a specific product – This is the simplest way to integrate video within an e-commerce website. If you’re selling a product then why not highlight it through video? You can have an employee review it and highlight specific aspects of it, or you can merely show the product from a variety of angles. Either way, you’ve just take a static product from an image on a page and made it into something dynamic.
2.       Market a specific service – Physicians, lawyers and any others who market their services rather than a product can also benefit from on-site video. The trick to marketing a service through video is not to make it too much like a commercial. Rather than highlight what you’re offering, take a more personal approach. Talk about why you do what you do and how it makes people feel. It’s a great opportunity to make a connection with your target audience through your website.
3.       Testimonials – Testimonials can be extremely powerful. Even reading testimonials can sway a customer one way or the other. So imagine how strong a video testimonial can be. Rather than reading a review think about how it makes you feel to see someone speaking. An emotional connection can be established through video testimonials that otherwise may not be made. For example, if you’re a physician and you have patient’s discussing how your services saved their life through a video testimonial that can be extremely powerful.  
4.       How-to videos – How-to videos are amazing for the right product. I’d watch an instructional video all day long if I had the choice to skip written directions. If you’re selling an operational product like a piece of machinery, or something that needs to be assembled why not add a video of someone actually doing it? Savvy customers will search for it on YouTube anyway so why not make something professional yourself and make it available on your website? Adding something as helpful as a how-to video will greatly enhance your user experience and keep them coming back.

In the end, though, the video has to be professional. Quality matters on a professional website and if your video isn’t top-notch people may not respond as well. If you want to make the most of your website then consider incorporating video. They’re simple. They’re powerful. And customers love them. Win. Win. Win.

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