Is Your Website Missing Audience Connections?

Business owners connect with a variety of audiences every day. From customers to vendors, companies have a network of different people to communicate with. Each network offers new opportunities to build relationships. When it comes to your company website, it is important to provide valuable information to connect with the variety of audiences that require your attention. Take a step back and look at who your website is trying to reach. Are there missed connections with some audiences? Most importantly, does your website have content to attract these groups? Here are a few groups you, the business owner, can connect with through your website.

Customers and clients are your company’s lifeline and without them, your business would not exist. Connecting to your customers on your website does not mean simply providing a contact form but instead, give your customers useful content with the information they need from your brand.

View your company from your customers’ perspective. What is it they need from you? This could be merchandise information, the history of your company, testimonials or something as simple as your phone number. Your customers will often visit your website for questions regarding your brand or product and you want to make sure they have the means necessary to have their questions answered.

Your website is an excellent tool to connect with your current or potential employees. Provide your mission statement on your website and explain why the company stands behind this statement. By providing your mission statement, employees understand what the company stands for and why it is important to them.

In some cases it may also be convenient to provide a company login so that current and potential employees may send messages to supervisors or other employees. Do you offer an internship program? Your website is a fantastic way to provide job descriptions and funnel applications to a specific person. Your employees will thank you for providing them with important information via your website.

You strive to work your way to the top of your industry. Alongside your efforts are other groups, consumers and producers specific to your industry. Connecting to your industry is necessary when building your brand and gaining recognition in your field. If industry events, conferences, groups and organizations exist within your trade, more than likely there is an online presence to go along with each one. If your company is to be a part of any industry related event or organization, make sure to mention this on your website!

Building an online connection with others in your industry could lead to real-life business relationships, potentially allowing new leads and business opportunities. Even in a niche market, there are online followers, bloggers and reviewers of product. If your company carries a specific brand of product, it is important to always link to vendors or suppliers for business referrals. Testimonials carry a lot of weight to potential clients and colleagues. If applicable, include a testimonials section to your website and have your vendors add a review about your company.

Connect with your community. After all, the business and public community provide support to your company and your company’s presence provides benefit to your local community. Has your company sponsored a local activity or event? Is your company a member of the Chamber of Commerce? Do your employees volunteer their time to local charities? Mention these activities and involvement on your website to establish and continue to build a relationship with the local public. If your company takes anonymity when it comes to donations or company involvement, promoting the organization or cause on your website is a good way showcase company support while not revealing specifics.

Plus More
There many more groups to connect with outside of these examples. To determine your main audiences, brainstorm ideas of whom your brand has contact with or could benefit having a relationship with. This could also be the media, competitors or referrals. Keep in mind not all company websites will benefit from connecting to all audiences. Try to understand what each group needs from your company. No matter the reason, always give your audience more than what they ask for, you never know who could be looking!

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