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Hashtags Part 2

Hashtags are a great way to support your brand, engage with fans on social media, and most importantly, listen to what your clients and customers are saying online. People use them to mention and tag brands via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Vine and Instagram.(Still not sure what hashtags are? Start with reading “An Introduction to Hashtags, Part 1.”) Here are a couple ways to use hashtags for your business:
1. Monitor Your Hashtags with Tagboard
Monitoring brand mentions on all of those social media platforms can be overwhelming. Tagboard does the work for you by aggregating posts from all of the major social platforms. Each tagboard functions like a profile and newsfeed for a particular hashtag.
For example, all posts tagged with #gostanford will be collected and displayed on the #gostanford tagboard. In this case, Stanford Athletics has endorsed this hashtag and claimed the tagboard. This is a great way to consolidate your fans into one group and engage with them effectively.

Tip: Before choosing a hashtag for your brand, check what has already been posted!

Go Stanford Hashtag


2. Endorse a Unique Hashtag for Your Campaign
As humans, we want to engage with a community, not just a business. Unique hashtags provide the opportunity for a more personal conversation. Starbucks, Target and TEDTalks endorse unique hashtags for their ad campaigns, product releases and special events. This is a great way to narrow the online conversation, promote time sensitive campaigns and create a buzz for local events.
For example, Starbucks promoted their seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte with the hashtag #PSL10. The excitement of Pumpkin Spice Latte fans was effectively channeled into one trackable, trendy hashtag.

Starbucks Hashtag

TEDTalks uses different hashtags for their local conferences, which keep the online conversations small and engaging. Here are two examples of TED’s unique hashtags:

Ted Talks at State Street

Ted Talks at BCG Hashtag

Even for smaller businesses, this strategy can be used for endorsing community and charity events. Try tweeting your charity event as a hashtag. Here’s a great example from a charity event that is sponsored by a local bank:

Chamber Chase Hashtag

Want to learn more about using hashtags for your business? Contact Full Media for more information and stay tuned for part three!