In preparation for the New Year, members of our team took the time to answer one simple, yet powerful, question: What does gratitude mean to you?

To us, gratitude is:
· The ability to recognize that you are blessed, and then expressing thanks for those blessings.

· A humble appreciation while living in a state of thanks and consciousness of one’s blessings.

· Filling your heart and mind with happiness by always being thankful for what you have.

· Being thankful for what we have today and remembering all of our friends, family, coworkers and loved ones who have ever touched a part of our lives.

· The willful acceptance of something undeserved without expectation of reciprocation.

· Waking up and saying, ‘Look how far we’ve come!’

· Doing something nice for someone you care about.

· A humble, thankful heart that wants to give back.

Other team members listed out specific things for which they are grateful, including:
· Awesome clients

· The Full Media team

· Every opportunity to spend time with family

· The people who have helped me move closer to who I can be personally, spiritually and professionally – just as iron sharpens iron, one person sharpens another

· Every giggle, every laugh

· A team who is passionate about serving others, including team members, our clients and the community
From our family to yours, happy New Year!