Google's Little Blue Arrow

In September, many of you may have started noticing a little blue arrow next to the top of your search results listings in Google.


When I first saw it, I assumed it had to do with the recent Firefox update I installed, and that the blue arrow was a function of the browser. When I noticed the same blue arrow in an Internet Explorer browser, I realized it was a Google mandated feature.

After some quick research I came to find out that the blue arrows were there for navigation and results selection. You can use your keyboard arrow keys to scroll through the results listings and hit [ENTER] to make your selection. This feature is obviously another release Google pushed out to help make the search experience more “instant.”


Don’t like using the arrow? Your only option is to shut off Google Instant completely, as Instant Search and the Blue Arrow are a package deal. To shut off Instant, click on the "Instant is on" to the right of the search bar which should drop down a menu giving you the option to turn it off. If you don't see that option, log into your Google account, go to Search Settings in the top right corner, and scroll down the Preferences page to the Google Instant section near the bottom. You have the option of turning Instant on and off, which by turning off kills the little blue arrow.


Happy Searching!