Four Things Every Homepage Should Have

The homepage is one of the most visited pages of a website. This page of your site is a way to direct visitors to other pages of your site that have more information about specific products and services. In reality, the homepage is a great way to do these things as well as build brand awareness and your brand’s reputation. Here are four things yourhomepage needs in order to build your brand, create a better user experience and increase visitor engagement.

1.  Appealing Visuals
One of the first things that should stand out to visitors is a great visual that best represents your company. Let’s face it: people connect with a message when it is visually stimulating and then seek more information based on that emotional connection. What is the main problem your company solves for customers and how can you communicate that through a visual? Visuals can be in the form of a photo, infographic or video. Although you offer multiple services and products it is ok to focus on one specific area that best represents your entire company.

2.  Signs of Credibility
Online searchers are looking for signs of your credibility before purchasing from your site or reading more about your company. Show visitors why they should trust your work and your brand. This can be done through featuring social media, testimonials, reviews, awards received, industry memberships or certifications right from your homepage. This is a great way to show visitors that you are a real company and that you’re qualified to handle their business.

3.  Calls to Action
Incorporating a call to action on your homepage is so important, and this one element can make a huge difference in visitor engagement. A call to action is simply a designed button that encourages a visitor to take action such as “Shop Now,” “Learn More,” “Start Shopping” or “View Our Products.” These buttons utilize visuals to direct visitors where to click for more information. Your call to action can even work with your visual just as it does in the example below.


Responsive Web Design Call To Action Button

4.  Organized Navigation Menu
An organized navigation menu helps visitors quickly identify their interests and read through your content. It is important to organize all of your pages into categories that will speak to the needs of your visitors. Visitors that are new to your product or service are not familiar with your product names or service options, but they are interested to learn about a specific subject or solutions to a problem they are experiencing. Sometimes simple really is better. If you can help the visitor to easily and quickly decide where to click in the navigation, onsite engagement will improve. The navigation on the Full Media site does this well and helps visitors to immediately choose which topic they would like to explore.

These four elements are all simple changes and work together to increase engagement on your website. Incorporating these small changes can make a huge impact for your business. If you need help implementing these elements on your site feel free to contact us for more information about Internet marketing and search engine optimization. Don’t be afraid to test these items and see the difference they can make for your site and your bottom line.