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Online Patient Experience

Healthcare execs identified patient experience as the 2nd most pressing challenge to their organization in 2019.


Patient experience extends beyond the front door.

As your digital marketing partner, Full Media focuses on giving your patients a world-class experience from start to finish, while ensuring that they have access to the critical information they need.

Mobile First Thinking

Mobile-First Thinking

Creating a great experience for smart phone users goes beyond just responsive design.

More individuals look at health information on a mobile device than on a computer. Our team can help you develop excellent experiences for patients on mobile and ensure that your website loads lightning fast.

Off-Site Optimization

Off-Site Optimization

While more individuals are going to the Internet for health information, fewer of them are going to provider websites for answers.

This makes it incredibly important for providers to optimize their Internet presence beyond their website on other platforms like Google Maps, Healthgrades, Facebook and more. Our engagements focus on the entire online experience.

Integrated Experiences

Integrated Experiences

Patients want to schedule appointments, contact their provider and receive care in the same convenient ways they do everything else.

From Netflix to Amazon, the modern economy meets consumers where they are. Full Media focuses on integrating solutions into your website to make accessing your services more convenient.

A B Testing

User Experience Optimization

Patients may be finding your website, but is it enhancing their care experience?

As digital analytics experts, we can determine if there are barriers or blind spots on your website that are preventing patients from taking action or getting the info they need.

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