Is Your Website Missing Audience Connections?

Business owners connect with a variety of audiences every day. From customers to vendors, companies have a network of different people to communicate with. Does your website have content to attract these groups?
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What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

At some point during a Google search, you have likely seen paid advertisements. The reason so many businesses choose to utilize these paid listings is because they show results, quickly. As a business seeking to gain online exposure, a pay per click advertisement could be the fastest way to gain exposure for your products or services.
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The Power of Calls to Action

Whether your goal is to turn prospects into buyers or to obtain contact information for generating leads, a strong and effective call to action is essential for pointing users in the direction of the conversion.
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Four Reasons Why Hospitals Need SEO

Healthcare providers are responsible for providing the public with the best information possible and encourage intervention when needed. Early intervention and positive provider-patient relationships are vital for the future of public health. Here are a few reasons why hospitals and healthcare providers should be using SEO to reach these users.
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How to Use Pinterest with Internet Marketing

With the massive audience actively on Pinterest, 70 million as of July 2013, having a presence on the platform is essential. So, as marketers it’s important we utilize what we have, especially something as huge and dominating as this.
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