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See how Full Media has helped clients achieve success finding patients and clients.

WellStreet Urgent Care came to us in March 2016 with a goal to increase patient volume while enhancing their visibility into digital analytics. A private, extended hours urgent care company, WellStreet manages more than 30 practices in partnership with Piedmont Healthcare in Georgia and Beaumont Health System in Michigan.

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Northeast Georgia Medical Center’s hernia program was officially recognized by the Surgical Review Corporation as a Center of Excellence in 2020. Around the same time, the global pandemic hit Georgia and changed everything about the way patients were accessing care, especially surgeries.

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Rhinogram is an emerging telehealth company that began to shine in the virtual care space before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. In 2020, the sudden increased need for telehealth solutions gave Rhinogram the opportunity to meet the immediate needs of healthcare providers and their patients.

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Colaborate operated successfully with little to no marketing or advertising strategy for several years. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, they saw an increase in competition and a drop in leads. They came to us hoping to quickly recover their losses through new business and serve the laboratory needs created by COVID19.

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