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HIPAA-Compliant Call Tracking Solutions

Did you know that 88% of healthcare appointments are scheduled by phone? 

While online scheduling, patient portals and even HIPAA-compliant texting are all rising trends in healthcare, a phone call is still the number one way that a patient starts an interaction with a provider.

If your marketing program doesn’t include a phone call tracking system, you’re missing critical opportunities to be more effective with your marketing dollars and demonstrate value to the stakeholders at your organization.


What solutions are out there?

Any type of platform or server where you store information online about your patients is subject to HIPAA regulations. That includes patient portals, online contact forms, chat tools and more.

Ensuring that calls are secure and that any data about patients is stored in a HIPAA-compliant, encrypted server is important. Full Media utilizes two HIPAA-compliant call tracking services, CallRail and Dialogtech. However, there are others out there. The important thing is ensuring that you’ve done your homework, vetted the call tracking provider and discussed it with your legal or compliance team.


What can I track with call tracking software?

Many platforms have solutions for both online and offline call tracking. Whether you want to know how many phone calls a billboard is driving to your organization or you want to know whether your social media posts are bringing in new appointments, most call tracking platforms have solutions to help you understand the ROI on your efforts.


Can call tracking software tell me which patients called me?

Sometimes, although interoperability can be a challenge. Some call tracking platforms have ready-made integrations with systems like HubSpot or Pardot, but you won’t find as many integrations for Epic or more niche health record systems.

However, most call tracking platforms will tell you the phone number of the individual who called and sometimes even the name. This information can help you understand whether a phone call truly turned into revenue for your organization. 

Other systems may allow phone call recording or keep transcripts for you, enabling you to understand the value of the call or evaluate your schedulers.


Want to learn more?

If you want to know more about call tracking and how it can benefit your organization, contact Full Media. As a specialist in digital analytics and reporting for healthcare organizations, we can help advise you on how to track your marketing efforts and understand what is driving the most value to your organization.

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