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Colaborate has more than 30 years of extensive knowledge and experience working in the Laboratory Consulting industry.

They have served hundreds of independent and hospital-based laboratories all over the country. They provide in-depth consulting and advisory services to health systems, academic medical centers, community hospitals, physician group practices, clinical laboratories, pathology groups, healthcare purchasers and more.

Marketing Goal

Colaborate operated successfully with little to no marketing or advertising strategy for several years. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, they saw an increase in competition and a drop in leads. They came to us hoping to quickly recover their losses through new business and serve the laboratory needs created by COVID19.

Search Engine Optimization

Content Marketing

Getting Colaborate in front of the right audience began with a need for thorough content focused on the services that they provide. In our process, a blend of collaboration with the client and keyword/industry research would allow us to see the way users were searching for these services. From there, we began crafting content that spoke in detail about those topics. This included discussing what the service included, who it served, where they served, and how they could help the user. Our content was created using:

Over the first several months, we have been able to develop and build out the service catalog in much greater detail. This process is ongoing.

Content Marketing

COVID-19 Response & Strategy

COVID-19 Advisory Services

During the pandemic, laboratories and health systems were put through many new challenges and disruptions. With Colaborate working directly in the laboratory space, their services naturally transitioned into supporting laboratories as they navigated COVID-19 challenges and needs.

From institutions looking to build COVID-19 laboratories for testing, to those who needed to expand their testing menu for COVID-19, to those looking to increase their testing capacity, Colaborate began helping laboratories move through uncharted waters. With COVID-19 growing, Colaborate knew their clients needed immediate and quick turnarounds. Our digital strategy included:

  • Incorporating COVID-19 information into the website via its own page
  • Highlighting that service in the top navigation to emphasize its importance
  • Highlighting messaging about Colaborate’s ability to turn a new laboratory build around within 10 days
  • Including COVID-19 callout buttons and blurbs throughout the website.

Virtual Consultations

When we began working with Colaborate, the COVID-19 pandemic was well underway. Colaborate began offering virtual consultations to clients as a result. This was extremely important to convey in our messaging as travel was limited and Colaborate needed to reach clients all over the country. We incorporated Virtual Consultation callouts through the website.

Google Paid Search

o We decided paid search would be the best tactic if Colaborate was going to compete with other companies crowding the market and gain leads quickly. We began by launching a general laboratory consulting campaign to start driving immediate leads while we developed a more complex strategy targeting COVID-19 consulting services. This campaign was focused on return-to-work testing and in-house workplace testing. We have continued to add more specialized campaigns into our strategy over time.

Paid Search

Our Results

Within the first two months of their engagement with Full Media, Colaborate closed two COVID-19 lab consulting projects from our ad campaigns, resulting in a 625% return on their investment.

Between January and April 2021, Colaborate closed eight new projects through our advertising and SEO efforts and covered the cost of their digital marketing budget for the year.