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An Interview With Children's Orthopaedics of Atlanta

Below is an interview with Dr. Flanagan with Children's Orthopaedics of Atlanta regarding their Internet Marketing engagement with Full Media.

1.    What were some of your objectives when starting your Internet Marketing engagement (PPC, SEO, etc.)?

We wanted to help improve our Internet presence in order to target the patient population we would best serve. We would also like to be more competitive and aggressive with our Internet marketing compared to some of our competitors.

2.    What were some of the initial questions you asked? What were your concerns?

We asked questions related to how PPC and SEO works. We were concerned over the added cost in marketing to our practice.

4.    What did you find most surprising about the engagement?

We have been most surprised at how much more quality service we receive from Full Media vs. our previous website developer.

5.    When was the moment that you began to see all the pieces coming together?

It is still a work in progress. The website looks better.

6.    What are some examples of collaboration between you and Full Media?

Together we have created a new look and feel for the entire website. We’ve also collaborated on some of the search engine optimization items, such as reviewing Meta data.

7.    What was a pivotal moment for you during the engagement?

Full Media’s willingness and ability to have in-person meetings, even at 630 a.m. if needed. It is much less cumbersome to make minor changes to the website especially when compared to trying to communicate with an out-of-country website developer or marketer.

8.    What is your advice to new clients who are about to start an Internet Marketing engagement?

Do your homework.  Have specific goals in mind. Ask questions. Learn the nuances between SEO and PPC.

9.    What do you appreciate most or find most valuable about Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing can be an enormous asset to the growth and development of your business. It is well worth the financial and time investment.


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