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Big Changes to Google Ads in 2019: How Healthcare Marketers Can Benefit

At their annual conference, Google Ads announced several upcoming features that healthcare practices could utilize to reach new patients and beat the competition.


1. Gallery AdsCarousel Ad Example

Text ads, which look like regular search results, are typically the only ad option to get in front of potential patients. However, Google is releasing Gallery Ads this year, which include several images that a searcher can look through in addition to your text ad. If you check your Google Ads account, you may already be eligible to use this ad type.

These powerful new ad formats could showcase beautiful delivery rooms for an OBGYN practice, give a visual of cutting-edge technologies, or highlight before and after stories.

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2. Local CampaignsHealthcare Google Ads Local Campaigns

These new campaigns will be the first designed specifically to drive foot traffic to a nearby business. Focused on driving calls or directions to your business, these campaigns are powerful for walk-in clinics or practices with same-day appointments.

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3. The Bumper Machine

Sounds like a joke, but it’s not, we promise! Using the Bumper Machine, you can create multiple six second, non-skippable videos from your existing videos and tell a single, cohesive story to a patient as they navigate through YouTube, just six seconds at a time.

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Youtube for Healthcare Practices


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