You've Created a Google+ Page... Now What?

Back in May 2013, I wrote an article discussing whether or not including a social media strategy in your monthly marketing efforts was worth it. My contention was that if your business didn’t target those who frequented social media sites then our time as marketers was better spent elsewhere. While I still contend that there are sites that may not need a comprehensive social media strategy, there is one particular platform that is garnering more and more of my attention lately: Google+.
Why Google+ and not Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? There are two reasons for this:
1.      Because Google+ is the social platform for Google and we’re all about doing things for Google, and
2.      According to an article written by senior content astronaut Cyrus Shepard, “A URL’s number of Google+1s is more highly correlated with search rankings than any other factor.” [1]
Just one of these reasons would be enough for us to pay attention to Google+ but taken together these reasons convey an importance for utilizing Google+ within marketing efforts.
Priscilla Salmasi wrote an excellent article about how to get started with Google+ by creating a page, verifying it and customizing it to suit your unique business. Now that it’s created, here’s how to take advantage of Google+ to help increase your web presence.
1.      Create unique pages for unique locations – This is important because certain geo-targeted keywords are used to optimize specific location pages. If the headquarters of your business is in Atlanta but a satellite office exists in Denver, it makes no sense for us to only optimize for the Atlanta office.
2.      Get rid of duplicate pages – If I’ve learned anything working in SEO marketing it’s that Google HATES duplicate anything. If you’ve already established a Google+ page for your business, don’t create another before deleting the first one. There’s no reason for more than one and Google’s thought on duplicates is that they look like spam.
3.      Add images and videos – In a previous post I wrote that using video on your website can positively increase user experience. A Google+ page is also a great platform for sharing high quality, visual media. Providing how-to videos or posting images of your products can provide a more well-rounded view of your service offerings or products.
4.      Join “communities”– Google+ users with like interests often form “communities” or places where they can share and discuss things that are relevant to them. If your business sells tools then it makes sense for you to join communities within Google+ that are naturally linked to tools, like those geared toward the construction industry. Communities are a great way to network with those who share your interests in an organic and natural way.
5.      Post creative, relevant, and fresh content regularly – It’s about quality not quantity, so it’s important to add value with every post, share and +1. Rather than focusing on the number of posts per week, focus on the quality of the posts and determine whether your audience found the post useful. 
Creating and maintaining a Google+ page isn’t a marketing trick or scheme to garner more business. It’s about building an audience authentically and creating relationships through communities and people that share your interests and providing others with useful, unique content and images.
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By Jean Marie Davis
[1] Amazing Correlation Between Google +1s and Higher Search Rankings