Work/Life Balance

People are busy and our culture pushes us to fill every moment on our calendar with things that “must” be accomplished. It can be almost impossible to find a balance between the things we need and want to do professionally and the things we need and want to do related to family, friends, our health, and our own personal interests. Certainly career is important, both as a means for generating a living as well as for the sense of purpose one can find in meaningful work. But career should never take priority over one’s role as a spouse or parent, and for too long people have allowed (even encouraged) professional drive and stress to have a negative impact on their health and/or quality of life.

At Full Media, we hope to build a great and lasting national company. We have no shortage of vision or desire for excellence here. But the minute our professional drive stops adding to our people’s lives and starts taking away from their lives, we have failed. We want our people to work hard and dream big. But we don’t only want them to work hard and dream big professionally. We want them to work hard and dream big as it relates to their roles as husbands and wives, fathers and mothers and members of our larger community.

Part of our vision for Full Media is that the children and spouses of our people can say that their lives are better because their parent or spouse works at Full Media. This can happen if our people are:

• treated with dignity

• compensated fairly

• able to consistently be home at night at a decent hour

• able to consistently be home on weekends

• not required to travel extensively

• able to attend little league games, parent/teacher conferences and ballet recitals regularly

• supported in a way that helps them grow personally AND professionally

We want to have a positive influence on everyone we come in contact with. But this does not only mean having a positive influence on customers, although we certainly want to do that. It also means having a positive influence on our people and their families, and one way to do that is by creating a work environment that not only promotes professional success but personal success as well. We are encouraged that more and more companies are thinking this way. For more information, contact Full Media today!