Why Panda Has Been Good for SEO

Anyone working in SEO remembers the day the dreaded Panda updates began in February 2011. If you don’t it might be too late to save you. Regardless, Panda has shown the Internet marketing world that search results are more about earning a credible ranking rather than the cookie-cutter strategies SEOs used to use. And I think that’s a good thing for everyone.

One of the primary reasons Panda was a good change for the SEO world is that it made strategy matter. Before, the basics were simple; build links and optimize pages with keyword heavy content and titles. Anyone with the tools to develop somewhat clear keyword research could see success, and SEO was undervalued because of it. After all, something that’s fairly simple and straightforward to do is easy, so why hire individuals or companies to do it. In the post-Panda world we now live in everything requires strategy. Real strategy. Everything from purpose-driven content, to site flow, to a page’s overall usability, grammar and tone must be strategized with the user in mind first. That paired with traditional SEO efforts (that still matter) means strategy isn’t easy.

The second reason Panda is a positive change is because it makes the Internet, as a whole, better. No one visits a doctor for somewhat useful information and almost-complete diagnosis do they? So why should online search be any different? People have questions and needs that should be addressed, and it’s the search engines job to make them happy. If a phone company makes a phone that doesn't work, it doesn’t succeed. Car manufacturers close their doors because their products under perform and aren’t well developed. That’s why Panda exists: to produce quality, relevant results for users, making users happy, and the Internet more valuable. Those SEOs that don’t adapt and continue trying to make search engines happy, without working to make their visitors happy, will inevitably fail. I don’t know about you, but I’m ok with that.

If a company isn’t willing to work to make their customers happy, before search engines, it’s their choice. Judging from the past, it’s pretty clear what the future holds for them. Please contact us to learn more!