What We Learned in 2012, Pt. 2

Learning new things and growing both personally and professionally is an important part of the culture here at Full Media. As we begin a new year, our team members take a look back at 2012 and share the top three things they've learned.

  • Teamwork is the most important thing when working on a project. Even though there are different departments and job roles, Full Media’s ability to work together on a project in any way necessary has created incredible results on many occasions.
  • Never be afraid to try something new. Whether it’s a new way of approaching a task, or just something we’ve never done before, we ALWAYS deliver a quality product/service for our customers (and it’s usually very customized!).
  • This really isn’t anything new I’ve learned, I just felt it should be on the list! I am so blessed to work with some of the most amazing and incredibly talented people every day.  Not only are we eager to help our clients as much as possible, we are also eager to help each other. That is what makes Full Media awesome!


  • Adobe Premier and After Effects.
  • Responsive design is vastly underrated.
  • Teamwork is the best formula for just about anything.



  • Google Analytics, Facebook & Twitter API(s)
  • SQL - Compound Statements on JOINs
  • HTML5/CSS3 - Responsive Techniques


  • That measuring something, even if you are measuring it imperfectly, usually improves that thing.
  • That it is much more productive to spend your time and energy finding ways to better serve those who want you to serve them than it is trying to convince those who don’t know they need you that they do.
  • That it is better for everyone involved to honestly tell someone that they are not strong in an area than it is to waste time pretending that they are.


Laura Jane:

  • If you build it, they will come. Having a sound content strategy in place—and producing quality writing for HUMANS—is a great foundation for a solid SEO strategy. But beyond that (or really at the core), empowering each other (as peers, employees), and empowering our clients will only build stronger, more stable relationships.
  • Listen to what’s in your heart, and the rest will follow. Whether it’s jumping in to something new (for me, a new job!) or working through a challenge, tune in to your heart. TRUST yourself to do what’s right, and do it. All of the other noise, questions or concerns will fall away.
  • Look over your shoulder. See that? It’s the support of 24 other team members. There’s no need to panic—Full Media has got your back! I’ve never felt the trust, support and transparency that I have here. Y’all are truly a special team and express so much care and gratitude for each other. I’m grateful to be here!



  • The basics of HTML
  • How to FTP
  • The value of relying on others to get the job done


  • Always be looking to learn about the industry and the changes that go on in the industry.  Don’t hesitate to develop relationships with peers in this process.
  • Never be afraid to ask a question, because it’s likely other teammates have it and others can answer it quickly.
  • Each department has something that can help the other department learn and grow.  Internet marketing is much more diverse than it used to be.



  • That sticky navigation is an effective alternative to conventional navigation
  • Some techniques for applying Javascript to a website to enhance the user experience
  • Full Media’s Production Team is one of the best teams to work with in the world!


  • The true meaning of TEAM. From the six months of working at Full Media, I have learned that Team work is back bone of a successful company. Each person’s success is success for the team. Everyone here is willing to jump in and help those in need and that is always appreciated.
  • The value of COMMUNITY. The Full Media Community in itself is truly valuable but also those we serve. Full Media goes the extra mile to serve both our current and previous clients but the team also spends time each quarter serving other organizations. A small effort on our part can make a significant impact on others both in the office and in the community.
  • The effects of SEO. Knowing what SEO is is one thing, but knowing how it is applied and what it can do to improve a business is something completely different. Knowing that your efforts every day impact someone else’s business can be slightly overwhelming but also very rewarding when you see the results.


  • Information about Responsive Design and its use on websites
  • New capabilities of the new Full Media CMS
  • Better learned how to train clients on the Magento CMS interface



  • Hard work pays off. There is no growth without lots of effort and work. We have grown so much in 2012 and this is just a great testament to our team and the work we do!
  • The opportunities to grow and learn are endless. With all of our lunch and learn meetings, team meetings, companywide meetings going on, there is always a new opportunity to learn something. Each of the team members teaching us about a new Internet marketing topic each week has been invaluable. The programmers and designers taking the time to sit in on the Internet marketing meetings to teach us about certain things (FTP, 301 redirects, etc.) has been extremely helpful, too!
  • We really do stand strong in regards to our core values. In 2012 it was clear more than ever that they aren’t words on a wall but words that we all live by day each day. Very encouraging!