What We Learned in 2012, Pt. 1

Learning and growing is important to all of us at Full Media. As we start a new year, we took at look back at the top three things we learned in 2012. Here's part one of two of our team members' responses.


  • SEO is more than just keywords…it’s about the user experience. We have to look beyond the words and help people convert.
  • Social media is more about creating a conversation and soliciting input/feedback.
  • Dedication to, and passion for, helping organizations grow through a more effective use of the Internet is the only way to do business. Period.


  • Having the trust of a client is more rewarding than the best Google ranking.
  • Your monthly client calendar is only a rough draft of what your month may look like.
  • Spending away-from-work time with my coworkers leaves me feeling refreshed and empowered.


  • How to work remotely. When I first started working remotely, it was extremely difficult and strange. But I learned to be more communicative and it got a lot easier.
  • How to manage my time more efficiently. It's easy to lose track of time doing something for a client and it has pushed me to be more diligent about managing and tracking my time.
  • I have learned a ton more about Google Analytics. I have been studying for the Google Analytics certification test and I am amazed at how much information there is to learn.


  • I learned not to assume anything about how people search for things on the Internet. It’s essential to keep an open mind and do thorough research to find out the best keywords and phrases to target on a website.
  • When in trouble, consult the team. Everyone has different approaches, expertise, and ideas, and collectively, the Full Media team is a problem-solving machine.
  • Be prepared for change. In this industry, the only certainty is that nothing stays the same.


  • I have learned all sorts of details about the intricacies of Internet marketing that both fascinate and sort of freak me out. It’s creepy how targeted and personal things can be!
  • I have learned every nook and cranny of Full Panel and use it on a daily basis.
  • I have continued to learn bits here and there on a regular basis since starting. Early on it was the answer to questions like, “What is DNS info, a 404 and a 301 redirect?” And now all three are terms I use on a regular basis.

Ryan B:

  • I learned to confidently step up and step out
  • I learned to build motivation and group enthusiasm
  • I learned how to better integrate Javascript plugins into the Full Media framework


  • Ryan B. is a great designer both on paper and digitally and has a knack for delivering exactly what the client wants even though they may have not asked for it.
  • I enjoy dabbling in programming work.  – Don’t tell anyone! :)
  • I have no idea what to think about where SEO will be in the next two years considering how far it’s come in just the past two, and that is scary and exciting all at the same time.


  • SEO is not “rocket surgery”
  • Customer service is important, regardless of the industry
  • The CMS we offer [Full Panel] is awesome.