What is the focus of your business?

Different businesses think about goals, objectives, vision and mission differently. Some value them and some do not. Some spend a lot of time on them, while others only pay them lip service. And no two businesses would define their individual objectives in the same way. But I can’t help but think that all businesses could (and maybe should) have the same 3 objectives.

1. Serve People

2. Do #1 in a way that is profitable

3. Scale it up

Of course, every business may choose to define #1 differently, and the people you serve are not going to be limited just to clients. It also includes your employees, their families, your company's partners, the surrounding communities and others. But in the end, every business exists to serve some need for other people. Never lose site of that.

Once you determine the people and needs you are going to serve, you must be able to do it in a way that brings in more money than goes out. Despite what many seem to think about evil, profit driven corporations, it is essential for a business to make a profit. Now if the profit becomes the main focus instead of #1 there can be trouble. But accomplishing objective #2 is the only way that you can continue to accomplish more of objective #1.

Then once you figure out #1 and #2, figure out how to expand your reach by doing more of it. If you can grow your company profitably, that will allow you to do more and more of objective #1. And isn’t accomplishing as much of objective #1 as possible what we’re all in business for anyway?