What is Branding?

When most of us consider a company's brand, we immediately think of their logo, maybe a tag line or even just a color palette. These "visual assets" have long defined a company's brand, and many companies have assumed that once they create a logo, tag line and color palette, their brand is complete. But these visual assets are not a company's brand, they are simply visual representations of a company's brand.

The true brand of a company is what people (the company's customers, employees, partners or the general public) think about that company. Or maybe more to the point, the true brand of a company is what people FEEL about a company. And the thoughts or feelings someone has about a company are typically based on that person's experience with that company.

So if every time a customer calls your office they are helped and treated warmly and with respect, that is your company's brand in that person's mind. If a customer loves his grocery store's produce department, then for that person the grocery store's brand is one of a great produce department. If another person loves that same grocery store's meat department, she may see that grocery store's brand as the best meat department in town.

Then you keep your logo, tag line and color palette consistent so that everyone who comes in contact with your business can associate the experiences they have with your business with a visual asset that over time will remind them of the (hopefully) positive thoughts and feelings they associate with your business.

But do not forget...the logo, tag line and color palette are not your brand. Over time, what your business is, what it stands for and how it treats people every day is your brand. People will simply associate the feelings they have about your business based on their experiences with your business with the visual assets you tie to it.

And in the end, the most beautiful logo and catchiest tag line will not create a positive brand for a company with which people have consistently negative experiences.  Please contact us to learn more!