What Email Marketing can do for your Business / Brand

With the ever so vastly evolving social media networks, email marketing is often over looked. However, it is a thriving market as more and more consumers are using smartphones and tablets to be constantly connected to their emails. Having 24/7 access, it is not uncommon for those innovative mobile users to check their emails at least a dozen times each day. Therefore, as business owners or marketing companies it is essential to be in front of your consumers and email marketing is just the way to do that.  

Email marketing allows businesses to grow customer relationships as well as convert prospective customers into established clients. Keeping your clients engaged through newsletters, weekly promotions, event announcements and release of a new service or product can play a significant role in driving sales. Although the consumer may not be looking for your product at that time, once they open your email your brand is going to be at the top of their mind and when the time does arise your company will be who they remember.

As business owners it is important to understand that all customers are not interested in the same products and services. It is unlikely that men are in the market to purchase beauty and skin products. They are simply not fascinated by latest spring color nail polish or most effective anti-wrinkle night cream. Email marketing allows you to categorize contact lists according to demographics and interests. This feature only targets those consumers who are most relevant and those who are greater prospects for becoming customers. Not only can you segment your list of users but many email management systems offer personalization features.  You can personalize emails by the subscriber’s user name and some email platforms allow you to include personal information including sales history.

An email marketing campaign requires less time than print newsletters and direct mailings. If you think about the amount of time organizing a print advertisement that was mailed to your entire company mailing list involved, you will consider this a tremendous benefit alone. Not only is the amount of time for your efforts reduced but also the amount of time required for preparation.  You can create an email using a previous template and simply interchanging the text and images in less than two hours for those last minute urgent announcements.

What are marketing efforts if they are not measured? The most successful marketing campaigns are those that are tested, analyzed and improved. Email marketing utilizes tracking data which provides a wealth of user information for companies. Identifying trends in consumer behaviors and interests can improve your marketing effort immensely. Analyzing results helps determine overall user preferences in content, graphics, headline text, colors and design. Through user behaviors, you can learn what was the most appealing marketing message and the time of day consumers are more likely to open emails and convert into sales.

Recognizing and understanding customer engagement can help businesses develop the most prosperous marketing campaigns.  Converting prospects into customers is an important goal for businesses but converting first time buyers into lifetime clients is the building block of success.  Email marketing allows businesses to focus on both new and current customers as building loyalty is essential and takes time and effort. Please contact us to learn more!