Using Pinterest for Your Business

Just when you thought Facebook and Twitter had captured our full attention, here comes a new social networking site that can serve as a valuable marketing tool for you. Pinterest allows you to think outside the box to figure out the best way to portray your products or services visually!


What is it?

Pinterest is an online bulletin board for images and videos. It comprises interactive image boards of which users can pin any visual content on the web that interests them. Many users pin images for inspiration, whether it be for remodeling your home, cooking for the holidays, or deciding where to go on your next vacation. Created around the concept of sharing photos, the purpose of it is to connect and share with those who have similar interests as you!


How can it help me?

Now that we have gone through the basics, the real question is how can it help your business? The main goal in using Pinterest is to increase brand awareness, traffic and conversions! As a visual image-sharing site, you need to ask yourself if your business promotes products, services or ideas that people would want to share. With millions of pins circulating each week, connecting with other people who share similar interests has never been easier.

Here are a few terms and tips you should know about how Pinterest can help you increase traffic to your site:

Repinning: Once an image or video has been shared, these images and videos become 'Pins' that can be placed on digital pin boards you create based on topic. Once something has been pinned, it can be repinned by other users. Images and videos that are visually appealing are more likely to be repinned. The best part? Each image or video that is pinned or repinned contains a link back to your website or blog!

Keywords and Descriptions: Be sure to label any and all pins with appropriate keywords and descriptions. A call to action in your pin description typically sees a much higher increase in engagement. Keywords and descriptions make your images or videos easy to find, too! The internal search bar in Pinterest is particularly beneficial for businesses that label their images and videos wisely.

Social Media: Pinterest works hard to blend each of the social networking platforms together. A company can connect their Twitter and Facebook to their Pinterest page via a live link! You can also turn on a feed so that when your business pins something, it automatically feeds to your Facebook wall. This can help you to build your Pinterest following.


  • Pinterest drives more traffic to company websites that YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIN… Combined!
  • Pinterest is 2-3X more efficient at engaging users than Twitter.
  • Over 80% of Pinterest pins are 'repins'.


Google is not only indexing Pinterest profiles, they index individual boards. Pinterest is quickly turning into one of the most creative ways to promote your brand, product or service. It also allows you the opportunity to show how your products or services fit different lifestyles. Pinterest is all about interactions and when used correctly, it can be extremely beneficial and powerful to your marketing objectives. Please contact us to learn more!