Uncommon E-Commerce Metrics worth Tracking

E-commerce websites have unique needs and make marketing a very unique effort. There are a lot of blogs focused on e-commerce site optimization for marketers or business owners but little on the metrics that can play a major role in e-commerce specific site functionality and user experience. Here are four uncommon metrics worth tracking for e-commerce marketing.


On-Site Search

One of the most powerful metrics sometimes overlooked is on site search. As marketers or business owners it's ideal to learn as much about your online visitors as possible. On-site search shows user efforts to further refine their online experience, and an opportunity for you to improve the search experience of better improve high interest areas on your site.


In this case on site search terms were filtered by medium to see unbranded organic search visitors and their site search term. Search refinements can show you terms producing quality on-site search interaction, continuing to engage users with refined information. In this example we see three on-site search terms lacking search refinements and producing higher than desired search exits. These are probably areas on site that more attention and improvement.



Exit Pages

Like site search, exit page is a metric marketers and business owners need to pay attention to. They are directly related to user experience and likely show areas of the site needing more attention, better CTA's or simply don't have the product/information visitors are looking for to make a purchase. In this case we filtered exit pages by unbranded organic searches and see several product and category level pages producing larger than desired exits and should revisit these pages and make any necessary improvements.




Page Value

In the post Google Panda world we live in, content is key to the success of any website. E-commerce sites are no exception. In the past it's been difficult to measure the direct value content has on the success of a business. Now it's possible to track at a per-page level, the value ongoing content efforts are having on your site's success.


What we see are specific pages that have been optimized and are producing very similar user interaction, some growth, but a substantial improvement in page value. This will help you better understand your user interaction at the page level, and the real financial benefit quality content is bringing to your site. It will also show you areas needing improvement or lacking content, optimization or CTA's.


These three metrics shed a new light on important e-commerce specific areas and will help marketers and business owners better meet the needs of their customers. Stop overlooking important information that's right at your fingertips and start making some powerful, data driven e-commerce decisions.

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