The Power of Humility

Part of our vision at Full Media is following six core values. One of the values we find important is humility. Humility is a quality I believe to be important in personal life, but since joining Full Media, I now realize its importance from a business standpoint. The values we incorporate on a daily basis work in unison so that we may achieve our long term goals. In my (humble) opinion, humility is the backbone to all that we do.

"True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” This quote by author C.S. Lewis may be the most concise way to describe humility. Full Media encourages humility within our team and this value keeps our team and our work honest. In regards to how humility plays a role in some of our other core values; servanthood, focus and excellence, please read on.

The most obvious role humility plays within our other company values is servanthood. Without humility, servanthood would not be possible. Our team strives to remain humbled by providing our clients with best practices in SEO and web design, actively volunteering within the community and helping others within our company. We strive to make an impact in the lives and family’s lives of our clients, our communities and our team.

Our clients’ business and the impact our efforts have in their success is an important focus at Full Media. By becoming a part of our clients’ business, we can focus on helping solve business problems. To remain focused, we must implement humility in all that we do. It is easy to get caught up in the success of our own endeavors, but first and foremost we must look out for the clients best interests. With a client first mentality, our company will reach our goal to becoming a lasting company with positive influences on others.

Full Media seeks excellence in the results we produce for our clients. We are constantly looking at the bigger picture and the impact we are having on our clients business. By seeking to be above the status quo, we are able to present a return on investment to our clients. We here at Full Media are ordinary people producing extraordinary results. We strive to remain humble, not boastful and we hope our clients are able to testify to that.

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