The Paid Search Holy Trinity: The Three Elements to a Successful Campaign

Troubleshooting performance issues in paid search campaigns can be a daunting task to say the least. With Search Network campaigns, things can get complicated and with a myriad of different metrics to look at, sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to start. So I came up with the “Paid Search Holy Trinity” metaphor. I found that it is a great way to break down and simplify the pieces of a paid search campaign to identify where we need to focus our optimization efforts.

Here’s the breakdown of my Paid Search Holy Trinity with the three parts for a successful campaign: 


First, you need the right keywords to reach your target audience. This is pretty straightforward; if you aren’t targeting the right keywords to get in front of your ideal audience you’re not going to be successful. You may be getting clicks, but if it’s from users who aren’t looking for what you’re offering, then you’re wasting money. Getting all the clicks in the world probably doesn’t mean much if your campaigns aren’t generating conversions.  It’s all about high-quality clicks that lead to conversions. At Full Media, we are conversion-focused with all of our Internet marketing work so when we see a campaign that’s getting tons of clicks but no (or low) conversions, we start to wonder if the campaign is using the right keywords to get in front of the right audience. 

Ad Copy

Once you get the right keyword targeting down, you need to have enticing ad copy that inspires your target user to click on your ad. You can be reaching the right people but if they don’t click on your ad then you’re not getting new people to your website to start generating leads. 

Landing Page or Website

The final piece is the landing page or website. You can have great keyword targeting and attractive ads but if the website isn’t well-designed and doesn’t compel them to convert, then it’s all for naught. If you’re seeing high user engagement (high CTR, clicks, etc.) but low conversions, you may want to update your website or landing page to make sure it provides users with all the information they need and that it’s clear to them what the next step are. 
While the metaphor may over-simplify some the complexities of paid search campaigns and doesn’t necessarily apply to all the different kinds of online advertising that there are out there, it’s a great starting place if you’re having trouble pinpointing where you can improve performance. 

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