The Heart of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing can be a lot of things to a lot of people. You have SEM, SEO, Email Marketing, Online PR, Social Media, and countless other avenues that someone can navigate through to promote something. Even more varied than the different segments of the industry are the backgrounds of the people that power it. There are professionals that just fell into it, some that deliberately pursued it, and a variety of other skilled individuals that found a way to use their individual talents such as writing, design, programming, teaching, or creative direction to contribute to the industry’s growth. With so many people taking different journeys and arriving at the same place, it is important to remember why we do what we do. We bring the horse to water because we want it to drink. It makes no difference if the water is digital or from a well in the ground. Internet marketing, as specialized as it may be, is still marketing; this is a point that we simply can’t forget.

To help you out, keep the following ideas top-of-mind when conducting your daily Internet tasks:

  1. Relationships:  The very first definition of marketing that I remember being ingrained in my brain during my college years was simply to establish a profitable customer relationship. People are in business to make money. Your Internet clients are no different. Whether your client has an ecommerce website or not, they still want people to visit their website who are interested in actually buying their product or service. They also want those visitors to have a good experience so they will continue to come back. Don’t lose sight of this idea as you continue to digitally market a client.
  2. Consistency:  A client likes to maintain a certain message when they communicate with their target audience. Even further, they may have a set of brand standards that they adhere to. You should do your best to adhere to them as well when working on their eMarketing. Whether you are writing content for the site, an SEM ad, or an email campaign, keep the branding the same. The client will thank you later.
  3. Targeting:  Speaking of a target audience, you should always have one. Know the demographics and psychographics of your client’s target market, and use them when creating his/her digital marketing collateral. This will only make your efforts much more effective at accomplishing your client’s goals. It’s a win/win situation for everyone involved.
  4. Value:  Client’s want value. When they exchange money for your Internet marketing services, they want to receive some kind of value in return. Figure out what that is to them. Do they want much wider brand recognition? Do they just want more sales and they don’t care how they get them? Knowing what your client perceives as the most important value will help you create it for them.
  5. ROI: This could be one of the most important things to keep in mind. If a client is not seeing a return on his/her investment in marketing services, then why would he/she continue to pay for them? First, try to understand the value one would assign to a potential prospect you bring them through a phone call or contact form. Then, based on the tracking you are already performing for them, you will already have a pretty good idea of the return they are getting. Using this data, you can be proactive in steering future conversations and present plans for meeting a goal before the client even has to ask you about it.

This idea may seem simple to you. You may think to yourself that you were always aware of the connection. But were you really? I feel like so many people have taken a boat from the “marketing mainland” and crashed into “Internet marketing island” right as the motor burst into flames behind them. There are so many talented people who lose themselves in chunks of code or content every day, but don’t really know why they are writing it. There are also creative thinkers that can build links around you in their sleep, but might not understand why they are driving visitors to a website. It is always important to understand why you are doing something if you want the process to be the absolute best it can be. Next time you are on that island, remember the basics discussed above. Maybe then you can find your way back to where it all began one day.

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