Social Media: not a "necessary evil"

Everywhere you turn these days, you hear more and more about social-media-this and social-media-that. Many people constantly ask, "Is social media something I HAVE to do?"

The point of social media is not to force you in to something. It is not something that should be done "just to do it". Social media, when properly leveraged, is a very powerful business tool in the world today.

Many people hear about the "need" for social media and run out to create a Facebook page for their business or a Twitter account. What good are these things without a plan behind them to engage clients, bolster business and add money to the bottom line? Every great idea should be accompanied by a firm plan for success.

Social media is about two things:

  1. Engagement - people are looking for a way to interact with and become involved with your blog. Why not give them a very easy way to do so? Social media allows them a direct place to visit and see exactly what's on your mind at that moment (without having to look around your website for updates). Finding creative and effective ways to engage people is the key to social media success.
  2. Communication - People choose how they want you to talk to them. Email, phone calls, text messages and social media are all choices that people make. If you know a client (or prospect) is actively engaged in social media, why not reach out to them? They have already shown you that they CHOOSE to be involved with social media; you are simply honoring their request to be communicated with on their chosen platform.


Formulate a plan and put it into action. Watch how it adds to your bottom line. Schedule a campaign on Facebook or Twitter. Plan your posts. Utilize coupons and send traffic to specific landing pages on your website. You'll be surprise at the results. More communication and client engagement will inevitably lead to more return on your investment. For more information on this, contact us.