SEO and Your Brand: Why the Two Always Go Together

Your company’s brand is comprised of the messages, expectations, values and overall relationships that influence a person’s decision to choose you over your competitors. It’s a definitive part of any organization. Ensuring that your brand is clearly – and consistently – communicated within your search engine optimization campaign (SEO) – as with your entire marketing strategy – is more than just important: your SEO campaign should be infused with your brand. Here are a few straightforward applications that allow you to incorporate your brand into your online presence:

Your Voice.
A significant part of your brand is the voice you use to discuss your company and the services you offer. Many times the voice is determined by the primary mission of the business or even its industry. For instance, educational institutions will maintain academic language as contrasted with local pediatricians who may choose to use a lighter language to appeal to families. Within any SEO campaign, it’s important to always consider your brand’s voice before writing any type of content. Verbiage on website pages, online news articles and guest blogs should always remain consistent with the language you use in sales leave-behinds, brochures, press releases and other traditional marketing collateral. Keeping a unified voice, both online and offline, will help reinforce the messaging you’ve established for your company.

Your Values.
Values serve as guidelines for a business, and they should be clearly communicated in any content that is added on your website or blog. There are many places where these values can – and should – be highlighted within an SEO campaign. In developing on-site pages within your website, consider discussing your values on important pages such as “About Us,” “Testimonials” and even the various service pages. A “News” section on your site is a great place to promote press releases that should already convey these same values. Also, don’t overlook a blog, which can offer a creative platform for demonstrating how your business is putting values into action through community service projects, company sponsorships and even team retreats.

Your Visuals.
Never forget the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” The images you incorporate into your SEO campaign should always communicate the right messages for your brand. When adding pictures to your website or a blog, always take a critical eye to them and consider whether they support your company’s brand. Do they communicate your values? Do they represent your target audience? Don’t add pictures just to have them. Allow them to speak for you to clients, potential customers and all other audiences who visit your website. Another important visual element to consider is the use of your logo and company colors. It’s important for businesses to develop styles guides for logos and color schemes, as these documents can better ensure that your company’s online image is consistent with your offline image.

Because an effective SEO campaign will increase your online presence, it is essential that your brand be fully and accurately represented on the Internet. From your on-site pages to digital publications, the messaging and visual communications of your company should be genuine, consistent and intentional.

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