Search Engine Market Share Trends: Updated

About 5 months ago I set out to find data on how the search engine market shares have trended over the years, but all I could find was monthly bits of data in press releases. So I compiled some handy-dandy charts and graphs that gave you that information in an easily digestible statistical snack. Over the past year there have been a ton of shake-ups in the world of search engines, including Bing powering organic and paid results for Yahoo and Google launching Instant Search, the appearance of Google's Little Blue Arrow, and social media posts appearing real time in search results. So take a gander at the data below and see how things shook out in 2010:

The graph and table below show an average of the top 2 major companies tracking search share data, ComScore and HitWise (Nielsen stopped publishing share data after August 2010, so they have been removed from all data to keep averages consistent):

The data that I was really looking for that doesn’t appear anywhere is listed below. You can see 2009 and 2010 trending search share of the big 3 by each research company at a glance:

As mentioned earlier, it appears that Nielsen has stopped publishing this data after August 2010, so they have been excluded from the averages above. But if you're curious, here are their available stats:

It seems like Google is still creeping up, despite attempts from Bing and Yahoo! to capture some of their hundreds of millions of daily searches.

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