Search Engine Market Share Trends

With the flurry of search engine changes going on, what with Bing powering Yahoo and Google launching Instant Search, I have been scouring the internet for a pretty graphic to show the trends in the past year for search market share. Guess what? It doesn’t exist in the tidy, easy to digest format I was hoping to find. How is that possible with all of the internet geeks out there? I wanted to remedy that problem, so I present you data junkies with the following abundance of information:

The graph and table below show an average of the top 3 major companies tracking search share data, ComScore, Nielsen and HitWise:

The data that I was really looking for that doesn’t appear anywhere is listed below. You can see a year of trending search share of the big 3 by each company at a glance:

Every attempt will be made to keep this data up-to-date as new information is released. It will be interesting to see how the Google Instant Search launch and the Bing+Yahoo! identical results will play out over the holidays! For more information on Market Share Trends, contact us.