Scheduled Social Posts Aren’t Always Bad

Many industry professionals turn their noses up to scheduling posts on social networking sites like Facbeook, Twitter, etc. Scheduled posts can often seem impersonal, uninformative and untimely. While I agree and am not supportive of scheduling posts just to have updates on your social profiles, I would like to explain how they can benefit a busy individual or company with a lot on their plate.

Like most people, our lives are filled with work, school, church, gym, appointments, etc. We are busy before, during and after all of these events on our calendar, and sometimes – believe it or not – we can forget things. Scheduling informative posts to broadcast to customers through social networks such as important dates, warnings, and event details are easier to remember to post if you can look at your calendar and schedule all at one time. For example, if I know in the next three weeks, there are deadline registration dates for several events, why not go ahead and schedule a post about them to remind people? What you DO have to remember, though, is that scheduled posts or tweets should not be your only interaction on these social platforms. Let me repeat…scheduled posts are NOT to take your personal attention and actual presence away from social platforms.

Social media outlets were made for interaction. A customer may have a question about your sale advertisement, toy recall or other post that you scheduled 10 days ago for posting today, but it’s always important to still be there and be engaged with your fans or followers. That’s why they “liked” or “followed” you in the first place. One of the benefits that you have with scheduled posts in a social media dashboard, such as Hootsuite (or similar platform), is that you can always go back and change the content before it’s posted to the public, so if more details need to be added then they can easily be changed.

If you are a business owner that wears a lot of different hats, including social media manager, or if you are an in-house agent for a retail store that often changes sales and promos, it might be a good idea to sit down for an hour or two and layout everything that you know needs to be shared with your audience. Checking your social media accounts should still be your number one priority because it’s the customer that is on the other side that counts the most.  Please contact us to learn more!