Questioning Web Content?

Internet marketing, like other aspects of business is about producing clear, tangible and purposeful results that hopefully lead to increased success of the business as a whole. For most, SEO looks to increase traffic, produce conversions and develop clear, guiding ideas about how people are coming in contact with your business and how you might be able to improve that exposure. That’s exactly why content is such a difficult concept to discuss when it comes to SEO. There are no tangible results to report. There are no ROI numbers to justify the hours of effort involved with writing good content. So why is content so important? Isn’t it just an aspect of your web presence that supports other SEO efforts? Isn’t it more important to produce an “optimized” site that’s well-developed to catch the attention of search engines? Sadly it’s not. Search engines today know businesses want to be seen by them. What they want to see is if your business is being seen by consumers. Not them.

So, who needs good content and why?

Everyone does! While there is still value in traditional SEO optimization, ask yourself a question about the products you purchase - magazines, books or television shows for example. If the product you see, read and interact with doesn’t catch your attention or doesn’t meet your need, it’s on to the next product. Is it not? When you enjoy a magazine article or TV show it’s likely that the content that drives that medium intrigues you, it doesn’t distract you. It does what you want it to do. It meets a need. So why should a website be any different? People need to find value in clear, well-written, purposeful content. A perfect example is this blog itself. You’re reading it to meet a need. It really is that simple.

Why not keep doing what we’re doing?

Simply put, you can’t. With changes in search engine programs, it’s clear that content isn’t something to be ignored: the playing field has changed. It’s the future of our industry which means it’s the future of your industry. So what does this mean for your business? In short, it means that content is becoming, if it hasn’t already become, the driving force of Internet marketing. Without adopting this mindset, relying on old practices of SEO will slowly stop producing those positive results that they used to produce. Soon we’ll see that well-written sites that are frequently visited will start dominating search rankings, and in turn they will start seeing more success. The more purposeful your content, the more you will engage visitors and the more likely they are to purchase your product through staying on your site. Simply putting your information out on the web for people to see simply isn’t enough; it doesn’t work today. Moral of the story: content is the key driver for quality traffic and search engines. Make the most of it.

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By Robby Monk

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