Quality, Innovation, and Value vs. Mission, Vision, and Service

Quality. Innovation. Value. Doesn’t every company say they offer these things? They appear in almost every mission statement and brand positioning you’ve ever heard and almost become a cliché – in one ear and out the other. At Full Media we don’t mention any of those words in our mission or vision statement or core values. Does that mean we don’t offer high quality, innovative work at an exceptional value? We certainly do, but who we are as a company runs deeper than vocabulary words. Full Media is not defined by the work we produce, but by the culture and expectations under which we work that allows us to produce the deliverables our customers value and appreciate.

We produce INNOVATIVE work because we have a work environment that nurtures and promotes creativity and continual education. We work weekly to stay current in the latest trends and technology in website design and development as well as internet marketing with classes, presentations, research, etc. Our team strives for creative excellence in all of our work, and any given day at the office you may catch us having a paper airplane contest, a quick Atari break, or an office Christmas decoration competition.

We produce QUALITY work because we only expect the best from ourselves and our coworkers. We push ourselves and each other to always reach a higher bar with every new project. We work together in a supportive environment not as individual coworkers, but as a team. Before each project is put it in front of the client, it has been reviewed by our entire production staff to be sure it is the best it can be, and each stage of our process goes through a quality assessment before it moves on to the next.

We offer our work at a great VALUE because it is our mission to serve all organizations regardless of size or industry. We feel every company deserves the opportunity to advance their business through the use of the internet, and we work with any budget to maximize the benefits cultivated from an active web presence. We feel it is principally important to serve our community not just through Full Media’s internet services but through individual service as well. In addition to our staff’s personal volunteer efforts, we as a company participate in quarterly days of service with places such as Challenged Child, Our neighbor, and Good News at Noon.

You can see we didn’t just put some pretty words down on paper we thought people wanted to hear. We tried to capture the spirit and culture of this company that is the foundation on which we operate every day. We didn’t list the work we deliver; we listed the core essentials of what we believe Full Media should be, how that makes us better people, employees, and citizens, and how that, in turn, gives our customers a better product.