Points and Differences

A few days ago a co-worker and I discussed a speaker who elaborated on the difference between making a point and making a difference. Put simply, the overall message was that some people get so caught up in taking adamant stands on issues that they often bypass opportunities to make a difference in the lives of those around them.

Truth be told, I think this scenario plays out quite frequently in our lives, especially the work place. For instance, some organizations are so focused on proving that they are “for” or “against” something that they miss the chance to impact lives. They might be so committed to offering a fair price on services, yet they spend so much time promoting that they overlook the small business who needs them. Or, others might be so focused on discovering the latest industry news that they miss the chance to help a client.

So, at the end of the day, people get the point, but they don’t feel the difference.

At Full Media, we are committed to being a company that makes lasting impressions on the people with whom we work. Sure, we want you to know exactly what we stand for. But more importantly, we want you to experience it. That’s the approach we take with all our website development and Internet marketing. In serving them, we make the difference. Through time and service, we invest in not only each other, but also those around us. Ultimately, we’re focused on the difference. The point just follows.

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