Maximize Pinterest

Pinterest is currently the third-largest social platform behind Facebook and Twitter; however, the secret to finding business success on Pinterest still seems to be a mystery.  

Pinterest is a visual way to collect articles, photos, products, recipes, etc. from across the Internet. While it was originally intended to be a personal collection of interests, this platform also makes it easy to connect with people who prefer the same types of products and services your business provides.

So how exactly can your business benefit from Pinterest? A visual social strategy backed with links to your site to relevant content. Here are five ways to maximize Pinterest for your business:

Boards That Matter

Create boards that matter to you and your customers representing different areas of your business. Users have the ability to search for boards by name, so it is best to stick to names that best describe the photos or articles pinned to a specific board. Always try to stay away from clever or catchy board names. Instead, stick with a simple, relevant name that users would search for.

Optimize Your Pins

Pinterest is a search engine. Yes, it is true. Millions of online users flock to Pinterest to gain inspiration, product information or “how to” instructions for a project. Although Pinterest has not publicly identified ways to optimize pins, they provide users with several locations to give information about what’s being pinned. Here’s how I’ve seen success with pin optimization on Pinterest:

  • Photo File Name: Keep a simple file name for the photo you upload. The file name should be directly related to the photo and content being pinned from your site.
  • Pin Description:  Be sure your pin description describes your products or services represented in the pin. If you are pinning your own photos, you should also include the company name. This allows all of your pins to be found by your company name in addition to the specific product or service being discussed. Keep in mind that Pinterest cannot read any text that is within the photo being pinned.
  • URL: It is important that the URL you are linking to within your pin is relevant to the photo as well as the pin description. This will help Pinterest to better understand the content that is pinned, but it will also help to have a lower bounce rate for your site from Pinterest referrals.
  • Get Pinned: I have yet to witness a single pin show up in Pinterest search results without having been repinned first. Once you have a new pin, it is important to get someone to pin it in order to be seen within the search results of Pinterest. You can do this by adding the pin to your personal board or emailing it out to customers, friends and family if it is appropriate to do so. You can also promote newer pins through social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter to gain your first few pins.

Search & Comment

Take time to search for your brand name and services or products you offer. Always search for your brand name to see if people are already pinning photos from your site. There are several pin-it widgets that allow people to pin photos from across the web easily and quickly, even if you don’t have a pin-it button on your site!

Following these boards is a great way to connect with people that are already interested in your business. I also recommend commenting on some of the photos pinned from your site or repinned from Pinterest even if it is just to say, “Thank you for your interest in our company. We would like to invite you to follow our boards.” Many times the person will respond to comments creating a great dialogue for other users to view. These comments can even serve as a review to other Pinterest users.

Taking the time to maximize your Pinterest presence will provide great benefits for you. You can track the success of your presence on this platform with an increase of your followers, repins and by viewing referral traffic in Google Analytics from Pinterest to your web site.

Feel free to contact us for more information about social media strategies and Internet marketing for your online presence.