Internet Marketing Low-Hanging Fruit: Things Your Company Can Do Online Right No

Internet Marketing Low Hanging FruitInternet marketing can be a little overwhelming for many business owners. There’s so much out there, where do you even start? Here at Full Media, we believe in demystifying the web for our clients. That’s why we’ve listed some low-hanging fruit that anyone at your company can do that will help your business grow and improve your reach online.

Make sure your customers know how to get in touch with you.

This is huge—if you have a website, or even just a Facebook page, make sure that you have your phone number, email address, or contact form in a place your visitors can easily find. Put your information in the header or footer, plus a Contact Us tab in your website navigation for easy access.

Listen to what people are saying.

Listening to what people are saying about your company or products you offer on social media and other platforms has never been easier. You can set up Google Alerts and do periodic searches on Twitter for your company name and/or the products you offer, or use a social listening tool such as SocialMention. The next step is engagement—get in touch with these current and potential customers and contribute to the conversation.

Create a business page on Google +.

The vast majority of internet searches are done through Google, and it has slowly been including more Google + listings in search results. If you want to be found online, claiming your space on Google+ is a great idea. Add your location, hours, photos, and a link back to your website to really take full advantage of this space.

To learn more about how internet marketing can help your business, check out some of our case studies or contact us.