Infographics: A Creative Tool for Internet Marketing

We live in a fast paced world of mass amounts of data sitting at our finger tips, thanks to computers, mobile devices and the web.  Trying to make sense of the mounds of data overflowing from our computer and mobile screens is a constant challenge, however provides several benefits for businesses and users. As users, we are now able to find answers to our questions quickly and near effortlessly, communicate with individuals who we may not come in contact with otherwise, and continuously grow our overall knowledge base. As a business, the internet offers unlimited opportunities to stay in front of consumers. With the help of your website, social media platforms and email marketing, businesses are able to display information that you want your current customers and prospective to obtain. You are also provided opportunity to rank above your competitors in the search results pages of web real-estate. With that in mind, it is important to identify a marketing strategy that will attract your consumers so you can achieve top of the mind awareness.  What can you do to exceed others and appeal to users and turn leads into lifetime customers?

As the internet offers a wealth of content, graphics and videos online, there is an additional option that in not considered often; Infographics. Some individuals do not favor infographics as they were once deemed damaging to SEO efforts because they were thought of as a replacement for good, valuable content. However infographics offer several benefits for businesses and online marketing. They are an easily accessible, eye catching, comprehensible method of illustrating content. What are infographics, you might ask? They are a mixutre of design and creative writing used to deliver data in a visual format. They are ideal for presentations, reports, blog articles, newsletters and social media.

Infographics offer several benefits for content marketing, including the following:

  1. Attracts Interests. Infographics provide opportunity to put words into creative design and illustrate a clear message. Graphics are eye-catching on a screen. With infographics, you are now able to capture a new audience that may have overlooked general text.
  2. Quick & Easy. Sometimes, designing an infographic may be easier than conducting research and creating a new article. Not only are infographics, quick and easy for the creator but also for the user. As visual learners with short attention spans, it is more convenient to scan an infographic than read several pages of structured content. Infographics force designers to get directly to the point and break down the important data. There is limited framework in a single graphic to steer far from the main goal and include unnecessary information. Graphics help maintain user engagement, keeping their eye moving down the page and absorbing all information you wanted to display.
  3. Highly Sharable. Infographics, like images, are “viral magnets” at the push of a button. They are easy to share and pass around social platforms with their attractive presentation. You can add your company name, logo and web address into the design of the infographic and credit will always be traced back to the originator. The more individuals who are sharing your page or post and linking back to your site will improve your SEO efforts and increase traffic.  
  4. Brand Awareness. Not only are infographics beneficial aesthetically, as first impressions are the most important, they are also powerful for your brand. As mentioned previously, designers are able to embed their company’s logo and business name into the infographic. As the infographic is shared throughout the web you are creating a lasting impression with brand awareness.
  5. Instant Expert. As an infographic is designed your creativity has been tested. Sharing your knowledge base exposes your expertise on the topic you’re representing. You have now instantly positioned yourself as an expert on the subject matter you are illuminating through the design.

It has been said that “Infographics are one efficient way of combining the best of text, images and design to represent complex data that tells a story that begs to be shared.” It is fun for both you and the reader. So get creative, do your research and design an infographic that could potentially attain worldwide coverage.

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