How to Use Pinterest with Internet Marketing

We live in a dynamic world of social media. It seems to be a race for who can come out on top next. According to recent studies and statistics, Pinterest seems to be making all the right moves in the popularity contest of the year, ranking third behind Facebook and Twitter. So, what does this mean for its integration with Internet marketing?

First of all, social media will forever be a sector in this industry. It’s proven well that it isn’t going anywhere. Social media is a way to directly interact and create relationships with your clients, customers, communities, etc. With the massive audience actively on Pinterest,  70 million as of July 2013, having a presence on the platform is essential. So, as marketers it’s important we utilize what we have, especially something as huge and dominating as this.

With Pinterest’s growth comes opportunity. In the eyes of companies and their marketers, this opportunity is to boost brand awareness and business growth which will ultimately result in conversions, or the act of turning a prospect into a client.

In a recent post, we talked about how to use Pinterest for your business and some of the platform’s basics. Now, let’s talk about how to use Pinterest for Internet marketing purposes and some of the specific ways it can be performed.

Backlinks. Creating pins on Pinterest which are assigned to appropriate URLS on your website ultimately brings backlinks to your site. This is a huge part of Internet marketing, because search engines recognize backlinks to a site, especially those from credible ones, as a positive attribute in determining the authority of yours. But, it doesn’t stop there! When your pin is repined, that generates additional backlinks. These links not only boost your relationship with the search engines, but help to drive traffic to your actual website. Recent studies have shown that Pinterest drives more traffic to sites than Twitter, making it second in line to Facebook!

Organization. Managing a Pinterest account begins with organization, like anything else. Categorizing your boards with ideal keywords is essential. Then, of course, you must place your pins on a corresponding board. The organization will also increase user experience for those visiting your Pinterest page and persuade a following base. The easier and more direct a board and its pins are, the more likely users are to follow it. Having a clean, structured Pinterest is vital for successful use of the tool.

Fresh Content. Think of this as your foundation. Pinterest is all about visualization, which makes things even easier and more attainable. Having visual content gives you even more of a chance to capture your audience’s attention right off the bat. It’s important to post fresh, unique posts that will encourage followers to repin, like and comment. Like organization, having great content is absolutely necessary.

Networking is a primary usage of social media, especially for businesses. It’s a primary tool in reaching and connecting with your audiences. Pinterest is becoming more sought after when it comes to companies introducing products and services, as visual imagery does much more than lengthy, wordy descriptions. It’s an ideal platform for most industries and marketers. In other words if you’re not already using it, you should probably start!

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