How to Benefit From an On-Site Blog

Often I hear business owners ask, “Should we have a blog and why?” I also hear business owners on the other end of the spectrum say, “We NEED a blog!” I am here to say that not every site or company needs to host their own blog; however, for some companies on-site blogs can be helpful for potential customers, current customers and for the general public.

Types of On-Site Blogs
A blog is best implemented when you determine the type of information you want to share with users. There are two types of blogs that are most commonly used for business sites:

  1. Informational Blogs- This type of blog typically provides supplementary information on how to use your product or information related to your products.
  2. Industry News- This type of blog provides a way to comment and give updates about news within your industry. A blog focused around industry news also allows your company to apply your expertise while sharing the opinion of your company.

Setting a Schedule
Regardless of how often you want to write and post blogs, it is important to set a schedule or create a timeline for uploading new blog posts. The most important part of an on-site blog is simply keeping it updated on a consistent basis. Whether it is once a month, once a quarter or daily, just be sure to update it according to the schedule that you set.

Blog Topics
Another big discussion focused around on-site blogs is what to write about. There is always something to talk about regarding your business, your products or your industry. The trick is to provide useful information to a visitor who may or may not be a current customer.

There are topics related to your business that receive a high search volume within the search engines. When you write on these topics, there is a great opportunity for your posts to be found through a search. The goal is to create great content so that users will find it useful and come back for more information time and time again. Part of the goal is also to create new customers, clients or fans of your brand or products.

If you own a bakery, a great blog opportunity may be to post recipes and tips on how to ice the perfect cake. The bakery isn’t giving away any information that would harm or take away from their customer base, but at the same time the bakery is helping others become better bakers. This type of information could lead to more purchases or lead to the bakery becoming a leader within the industry which would lead to even more opportunities to promote and sell their products.

Optimize the Blog
An on-site blog, if created and maintained correctly, can be a great benefit in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). Some may wonder how the two worlds collide. Who isn’t looking for information within a search engine such as Google? Everyone…ok well almost everyone.

The point is that a successful blog post found within the search engines helps your brand become known as an industry expert or leader. Becoming this type of reference for users across the internet can help your web site’s rankings and work to get your main product and service pages in front of potential clients that are close to the buying cycle.

Marketing Your Posts
It is always a benefit to have a blog post on your site, however, you will gain far more benefit when you market or promote your blog posts by utilizing meta titles and descriptions on the page, as well as sharing the posts via social media. Depending on the type of blog and type of business, you may choose to share your blog posts through Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. If we look at the example of the bakery again, I would suggest that the bakery use both Pinterest and Facebook to promote their posts because their product is visual.

Sharing your posts through the right social media outlets is a great way to promote your information and brand to potential customers. Instead of waiting for them to search about your products or services, you are taking the information to them in a medium they use often.

Regardless of when you start your blog or how you choose to utilize this information for your business, it is sure to help you gain more targeted traffic to your web site therefore broadening your business prospects.

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