How the LinkedIn facelift can help create leads for your business

Are you trying to find new potential customers? Growing your business is at least one goal most companies have in common. LinkedIn recently released its new design to its users. The new look is very clean with an image focus while sustaining its business appeal. It was designed to resemble the branding of other popular social platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Its new emphasis on images makes LinkedIn more user friendly for business members. A logo is often times considered the face or identifier for a company, institution or organization.

Consumers will recognize a company or brand solely from the logo. After creating a Company page it is important to add your logo to enhance brand recognition, ensuring that the searcher will link to your business rather than a business with a similar name. The user interface also added a new tool for Rich Media, allowing businesses to upload videos, presentations and company blog to the summary page or to other sections including experience or education.

As with other social media networks it takes time and numerous impressions to gain exposure. Businesses and organizations utilize social networks to generate leads, therefore “adding connections” is key. In order to reach potential clients, you need to go beyond the people you already know and have relationship with. You can do this by using those who you are currently “connected” with or by using groups related to your business.

The “Get Introduced” feature is not new but the option to search connections by “keyword” is. These two features combined are very beneficial for businesses. It is greatly effective to use your “connections,” the people you know and trust, to search their “connections” and find individuals they know and trust. You can now search by “keyword,” therefore find other LinkedIn users within the same industry, who share a similar interest or who are located in your target area.  Once you identify those prospective members, you can now use the “Get Introduced” tool to proactively reach out to them through your already established connections.

You can continue making connections by taking advantage of your expertise, use this to interest other viewers by contributing comments to groups. Find discussions relevant to your industry and provide valuable information, in your response, include how your business can help them with the problem or that you offer a product or service they may find useful.   Engaging in discussions will build relationships and gain the trust of those asking questions or expressing interests.

LinkedIn’s upgrade also puts a significant focus on user activity. Active engagements will help gain top of the mind awareness and position your business as a reliable connection. Share links to information on your site, informative content, videos related to your industry or a blog recently posted about current news. Updating posts regularly also provides an opportunity to spark a new interest and engage personal discussion. This will help reach other members who are connected to the individuals you are interacting with. It is always recommended to thank members who make a “connection” with you and to respond to any comments or concerns users make.  This will aid reputation management and can result in ongoing referrals for your company.  Please contact us to learn more about LinkedIn.