Google Music to take on iTunes

With this week’s announcement of a new breed of iPods and the launch of iTunes 10 with integrated social networking, it’s clear that Apple has forever changed the way we purchase and enjoy music. Commanding nearly 30% of the market share of all online music purchases, iTunes continues to gain steam over online rivals Amazon and Wal-Mart (each holding a 12% stake).

But internet giant Google is readying a competing service that will be introduced later this year. Fueled by the success of Google’s mobile operating system, “Android”, company representatives have stated that they wish to give mobile users a better music offering. Additionally, Google’s ability to tie digital downloads and streaming music to its own search results creates an undeniably powerful way to promote music offerings to any of Google’s 300 Million daily users.

According to industry sources, A Google-backed challenge to Apple's dominance of online music sales would be warmly welcomed by the top music labels. Music industry executives have tried for years to convince heavy hitters such as Google, Facebook, and AOL to take on iTunes. Will it work? Other digital music stores such as Amazon and MySpace Music, have yet to cut into Apple's huge market share. However, no company in the world can match Google's reach with Web consumers. Stay tuned…

By Davis White

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