Google+ Local

What is Google’s History with Social?

• 2004 - A month before Facebook even existed, Google launched Orkut. It was successful in countries like India and Brazil, but not so much in the U.S.

• 2005 – Google purchased Dodgeball (basically Foursquare before there was Foursquare).

• 2007 – Google bought Jaiku (similar to Twitter before Twitter came on the scene).

• 2008 – Google Wave was introduced. It combined elements of email, IM, and photo sharing

• 2008 – Google Buzz was launched and only survived 22 months.

• April 2011 – Google tied all of the company’s employee bonuses to their success in social. They were motivated.

• June 2011 – Google+ was released. There are currently approximately 250 million registered users. In February 2011, The Wall Street Journal called Google+ a “virtual ghost town” as they compared it to Facebook.

• May 2012 – Google+ Local was born.

Where do Google+ Local listings appear?
• They usually appear above the natural listings, but sometimes in the middle of the results page.

What is Google’s intent with Google+ Local?
• It is estimated that one in four searches on the Internet are “local searches”. Google wants to show local listings in their search results for anyone that searches for a city plus a keyword (i.e. “Gainesville GA Accounting Firm”). They want to bring the community feel of Google+ to local business owners. They ultimately want to create opportunities for friends, colleagues, and other acquaintances to share information with each other easily. The change was made to put more of a focus on photos and reviews.  Please contact us to learn more!